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Get your company news syndicated to our targeted database and through PR Newswire’s extensive network of thousands of websites including AP, New York Times, Yahoo News & more.  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A SAMPLE MEDIA LIST

Influencer & Media Outreach

Hotel News PR has assembled the ultimate list of bloggers and websites focused on the travel and hospitality industry – from business to technology, we can help you reach them.

Reporting & Insights

Within a couple hours of issuing your press release via PR Newswire package, you will receive a Visibility Report to help you quickly and easily quantify your results. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SAMPLE REPORT

Expert Writing Services

Want to increase impact? Short on time or resources? Have one of our travel and hospitality industry expert writers craft a professional press release optimized to get you maximum impact.

Fast processing time

Our editorial team will proof your release and give you a confirmation call within a few hours of receiving your release so you can get your news out fast.

Easy & Affordable

Our simple pay-per-release pricing and easy online payments mean you don’t have to worry about ongoing monthly fees or long term contracts.


Only $169.00Single Press Release
  • Includes premium distribution to key hotel and travel trade press, journalists, bloggers, influencers, hospitality magazines & national newspaper editors
  • Unlimited word count and assets
  • Excellent for startups, company news, trade show invites, new partnerships, launches of new products and services
“Great team to work with. Very straight forward to choose the most appropriate service for us and easy to upload – we wanted premium coverage so chose the PR Newswire plus Travel Media Package. Hotel News PR did the rest and within hours we had a report showing over 150 pick-ups. We’ve had enquiries directly as a result.”- Andrew Sanders, DataArt ‎VP Travel & Hospitality, North America
``It’s nice working with such a responsive team who not only know the industry, but also know the people who run it, and exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. You can get right to the work at hand, instead of spending time on a long discovery exercise. For an early-stage startup, direct membership with the PR Newswire is crucial to building a global brand, but can be almost impossible to swing. But under the Hotel News PR umbrella, you gain affordable access to its powerful network, along with great reporting that gives you fast feedback on what’s working, and what needs a course correction. Very nice product and a pleasant experience! I’ll be back for more!``- Bernard D. Ellis, CHTP, CRME Chief Executive Officer, GEMTouch
``We have found the Hotel News PR platform to be intuitive and easy to use. Their knowledgeable customer service agents helped us choose the right package for maximum exposure, for a fraction of what we've paid for wire service in the past.``- Mark Lewis-Brown, CEO/President, Vertical Booking USA
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